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Carwyn Ellis has teamed up with Shawn Lee under Ellis’s project, Colorama and are about to release album ‘Chaos Wonderland’ due July 31st via Banana & Louie Records this will be the seventh full-length album by Colorama. As part of the news the guys have also shared a new track from the album – ‘And’.

Why Chaos Wonderland? Ellis explains, “well.. I’ve travelled a lot this last few years and I’ve seen a lot of places in total flux, upheaval and yes – chaos. Nowhere more so than at home. But at the same time, I’ve seen much to make me cheerful, not least in the beautiful sights I’ve witnessed, along with the warmth and inherent goodness of the vast majority of people I’ve encountered”. 

There’s a cool American vibe here. Theres a cinematic feel in a western style. Cool drum beat and over driven guitar drenched in a tremolo effect sets the scene. Then a walking bass line and piano notes add flavour and solidity for the floaty vocals to come through the breaks in the psychedelic tapestry. Such a cool track.

Check it out, here

The track listing of Chaos Wonderland is as follows:
1.   And
2.   Dusty Road
3.   Me & She
4.   Black Hole
5.   Crosville
6.   Except You
7.   Damn Tune
8.   Conchita
9.   Please Tell Me
10. Reconciliation

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

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