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Dune Sea are a power trio from Norway, playing a blend of stoner rock, shoegaze and space rock. The Trondheim based outfit are often compared with bands such as Hawkwind, and with good reason.

The band started out as Ole Nogva’s solo project back in 2012. Drummer Erik Bråten joined Ole in the spring of 2017 to record drums for the EP All Quiet Under The Suns. In early 2018 bass player Petter Solvik Dahle became a permanent member and the recording process of their self-titled debut album began.

The self-titled LP was recorded and produced by the band themselves in various locations in Trondheim and will be released through All Good Clean Records last week. It features nine tracks that range from stretched out psychedelic sci-fi soundscapes to synth based monolithic riffs. The sound unfolds into a cinematic universe, capturing both the retro and futuristic simultaneously.

Opening with ‘Pentobarbital and Ethanol’ they offer a slice of space rocks finest, with delay and reverb swathed vocals penetrating through empowered riffs which pack a real punch. The track fluctuates between heavy vibes that are almost metal-esq in places and a dreamy psychedelic essence. The self-titled track two offers much of the same, but greater emphasis is placed on the vocals and the soaring guitar melody. Other highlights include ‘Future’ which could easily accompany a post-apocalyptic film score, ‘Astrodelic Breakdown’ which as well as having a brilliant title has a really catchy countenance and ‘Awake’ which is a slice of space, personified with twinkling synth and effected vocals.

The album is an eclectic mixing of genres that will appeal to many and at the same time they have created something different that excites whilst it tantalises. Definitely one to enjoy repeatedly.

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