Say Psych: Live Review, Cavalier Song, Electrowerkz, London 26.2.16

Cavalier Song are a band that are new to me this year, but one that I really rate. The band’s debut album, Blezard (read the review here) is a stark and spacious record that has its moments of noise and chaos, but leaves you with the overall impression of dark tranquility. Seeing Cavalier Song for the first time, therefore, I was unsure what to expect, and whether the band could deliver something satisfying live. What I got was something quite unexpected and hugely enjoyable.

In a live setting I found Cavalier Song to be much more visceral than on disc, with the band really ramping up its sound to create something that was more ‘noise’ than ‘ambient’, yet with the rhythms that mark out ‘Blezard’ still coming through. Added to this mix was Mark Greenwood (standing in darkness, hence no photos) reading prose over and through the music creating an atmosphere that was at the same time challenging and immersive.

For me Cavalier Song is a band that continues to surprise me, and I already look forward to seeing another performance in May in support of Follakzoid at Manchester’s Islington Mill on May 26th.

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