Psych Insight: Live, Henge, Electrowerkz, London, 26.2.16

As a band Henge are well named, a unit that is strangely archaic and yet solid; a band whose music batters through to your very soul. On the evidence of its self-titled debut album Henge is also a band that is pretty difficult to categorise being just about ‘post’ everything that you might throw at it -noise, -punk, -[insert any sub-genre you like]metal…you get the idea. On top of that are Loz Chalk’s vocals which are of an emotionally plaintiff style, giving the playing of Jamie Partridge (guitar), Gabe Stones (bass) and Andrew Mealor (drums) an edge that is weirdly hardening and softening at the same time.

This approach is something that is reflected in the way the band play live. This was a performance that was very much in your face with Chalk writhing on stage like a coiled serpent seeming ready to spring into the audience at any minute. Chalk was restless and animated providing an incredible focal point for the bands performance which was tight and menacing.

This helped me to wring new meaning out of the songs from the album and give them a new dimension, this is a band that is far more complex and nuanced that you might first think and seeing it perform help you realise and decipher that.

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