News: Gary Hempsey Blends Blues & Americana On New Single ‘Sinkhole’

Florida folk singer-songwriter Gary Hempsey injects some soulful blues licks into his new single ‘Sinkhole’.

Bringing together heartfelt, poetic lyricism with a warming, organic sonic palette, Gary’s musical maturity and identity shines on ‘Sinkhole’. His husky, effortlessly charismatic lead vocal moves effortlessly over layers of bluesy electric guitar, strummed acoustics, warming piano, swelling organs, tight drums and bass. Heartfelt, rich and packed with soulful, emotive instrumentation, the track captures all of the emotional depth and artistic flair Gary has become known for. 

Talking about the single, Gary explains:

“When the High rise condo collapsed in Miami, Florida. It was so sad to me, and I realized this is happening all over the world where we are developing / expanding in cities and countrysides at a very fast pace. Land developers bought huge tracks of land and the boom was on

After a little research, it didn’t take long to see that this is a very real problem, and people are literally sleeping in sink holes. That’s the first line from the song. The song is imaginary from the eye of someone who left the house only to come back to it collapsed and never got to say goodbye.”

Having had a long and illustrious career as a musician, performing across the US before settling in Key West, Gary Hempsey has built a reputation for his unquestionable talent and experience as an artist. 

‘Sinkhole’ is out now:

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