See: Until the Ribbon Breaks – Perspective (ft. Homeboy Sandman) New Video

In my day, and with my technical skills, we didn’t make mixtapes, we made compilation tapes. I used to hover over my favourite radio shows, making endless tapes of unheard of and unremembered bands on the John Peel show, or piles of African music that Andy Kershaw used to play, or Reggae, or just about anything else that attracted my attention. And if I didn’t like the track when it was about half a minute in, I would stop the tape and rewind it. And sometimes I would overwind it, and the songs would morph into one another. And so, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry would suddenly become the Damned, into U-Roy, into some early hip-hop. It made of (often) thrilling listening.

Under the Ribbon Breaks is the work of Cardiff’s Lawrie Winfield. He comes from an era when mixtapes ruled the school playgrounds, youth clubs and pub backrooms, probably much more successful (and maybe listenable) than mine, and since then he’s gone on to utilise these skills to make interesting and imaginative electronic/dance music.

He’s recently released an ep, A taste of silver, out now on Republic Records. It’s a mash-up of samples, guest Homboy Sandman’s ominous voice and rhymes, but with these delicate part, snatches of melody, Winfields laid back delivery of his lines giving the song an infinite cool.

Released with an intriguing video, that’s quickly becoming Until the Ribbon Breaks’ trademark, you’d be, well, silly not to go check out his EP in full. Let’s get it all in perspective, after all.


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