Track: Peppermint Heaven – The Delicious EP

Sometimes you have to go where your influences are. Not because you’re a fan, or you want to be near them, but because you need to see what made them like they are, and just in case a little bit of that thing that made them special to you rubs off on you.

At least, that is probably why me and my college friend (backseat mafia Photographer Mark) traipsed over to Manchester so much, our love for New Order such that we walked past Factory Records every time we went, and he reckoned he knew this pub where Peter Hook frequented, so we used to look through the windows, and we shopped at (808 state owned) Eastern Bloc records because that’s where we believed that Factory records employees would also shop.

LA based Peppermint Heaven took a more practical approach than merely walking by, or pressing their noses against pub windows. They visited a wintry London at the beginning of the year, and decided to use this side of the Atlantic as the launch pad to their new EP, The Delicious EP, which drops on November 4th. They were drawn to that decision by their love of UK pop royalty- Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, New Order, Howard Jones and The Psychedelic Furs amongst them.

The band, Juno (vocals / keyboards) and Spark (vocals / bass guitar / drums) make hook laden electro-pop, but this release see’s their work remixed by, amongst others, Mike Rizzo and the Buzz Junkies.

In all honesty, there’s much more of A-Ha in there than any of the UK influences, at least judging by the EP. Into gold (both versions included on the EP) they have this rounded songwriting on display, although it’s slightly obscured by the house remixes its been given. So unbelievable, the other track on the EP (again given a couple of remixes) is more angular, more in your face even, with the boys adopting a more Johnny Rotten does house feel.

The band is currently running a remix competition, where the winner will be included alongside the remixers/producers already mentioned (plus Almighty). Details are over on their facebook page

Really doesn’t matter what they’re influences are, if they keep making music like this, it’s going to be me looking through the windows of pubs I suspect they may drink in…..


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