Track: Serol Serol – Cadeyni

Out today on IKACHING records, is the debut single from North Wales ‘space pop’ band (the inverted commas come courtesy of the very brief press release, so I’m using them) Serol Serol. Called Cadwyni, which, according to my rudimentary research (that will clearly be proved to be embarrassingly wrong, but hey, I gave it a go) either chain, or chains, or possibly a girls name. Take your pick, unless you’re blessed with being able to speak welsh, which to me in song form always sounds rather a lovely language – in which case you’ll know exactly what its about, and probably be wither laughing or scoffing (do people still scoff these days?) at my pathetic attempts at translation.

Anyway, its this seamless, dreamy slice of synth infused indie pop. Blessed with a chorus that rolls over you, and guitar lines that find their way into the very crevasses of your mind, I couldn’t really care less what its about – its sweeping, blurry, joyous, four minutes of pop perfection. And I love it.

Check it out, here

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