Track: ‘Shit’s a Thing’ – Super American Eagle are back with a vengeance with an excoriating single and live date.

 We premiered Super American Eagle‘s debut single ‘Yes’ last year which received an enormous amount of interest and cleared out a few cobwebs from the brain. And that’s not surprising given the key constituents of the band. The band, based in Melbourne, consists of The Dandy Warhol’s drummer Bent DeBoer, Courtney Barnette’s drummer (playing bass) Dave Mudie and front man/guitarist Bob Harrow from Immigrant Union. You wouldn’t expect restful repose after their explosive start.

And indeed their delightfully entitled new single ‘Shit’s A Thing’ is an excoriating cataclysmic tour de force with the band’s trademark squalling angry guitars providing a satisfyingly angry and cathartic explosion of feedback and rampant unrestrained drums. It’s like a sonic defenestration. An out of control freight train heading for a populated area. Harrow’s gruff delivery creates earthquakes between the ears that out-bellows Motorhead and would wake the dead like a defibrillator to the heart. Only to crush them back with the impact.

Filmed and edited by Alexander Francis, the accompanying video is a high voltage performance piece that would unnerve the most assured adult. And that’s just the background.

Super. And American. The single is out now through the inestimable Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

The band will be rampaging across the stage live this Saturday, 3 June at the Old Bar in Melbourne – details and tickets here. You have been warned.

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