News: Living icon Ed Kuepper announces reissue of classic solo albums ‘Electrical Storm’ and ‘Honey Steel’s Gold’ and Australian tour.

The legendary and iconic Ed Kuepper has been a vital cog in the wheel of Australian indie music ever since forming The Saints in 1973 – releasing what is often argued as the first ever punk single ‘I’m Stranded’ – and a body of extraordinary work in the innovative Laughing Clowns, The Aints and as a solo artist.

Back in 2021, Kuepper announced a release of collected works from his post The Saints era (see my interview with Kuepper at the time here). Now Kuepper has upped the ante with the reissue of his long-out-of-print, seminal debut solo albums ‘Electrical Storm’ (1985) and ‘Honey Steel’s Gold’ (1990) through Remote Control Records. Both will be available on vinyl on Friday, 9th June for the first time in 30 years.

These are magnificent bodies of work, forging pure pop melodies with a level of intelligence and musical proficiency that made them instant classics.

‘Electrical Storm’ is available to preorder here and through the link below.

‘Honey Steel’s Gold’ is available to pre-order here.

To top up this good news, Kuepper has also announced an extensive Australia wide tour with some legendary players in his entourage: Mark Dawson on drums, Sunnyboys bassist Peter Oxley plus celebrated pianist Alister Spence and brass maestro Eamon Dilworth, collectively known as The Exploding Universe.

Kuepper days of the tour:

Friends, as you know, I’ve been full of happy announcements recently but announcing the shows I’ll be doing with this bunch of nifty musical dudes is one of my happiest. We’re going to be delving [as they say in rehearsals] into both the Honey Steel’s Gold and Electrical Storm albums, including some of the deeper cuts hardly heard since back in the day. We’re also going to be hammering through a fine selection of the many chart topping hits that have become associated with me.

This is the first live band experience of Ed Kuepper’s solo material since 2009. Tickets are on sale here. Details are below, with the note that Melbourne shows are also on the cards.

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