Premiere: Supergroup Super American Eagle, with members from The Dandy Warhols, Courtney Barnett’s band and Immigrant Union, exclusively unveil their blistering debut track ‘Yes’. Filthy and furious fun.

We are very honoured to bring you an exclusive first listen to the debut single from Super American Eagle – a band consisting of The Dandy Warhol’s drummer Bent DeBoer, Courtney Barnette’s drummer (playing bass) Dave Mudie and front man/guitarist Bob Harrow from Immigrant Union. And such an explosive union could only come up with a track as wild and uninhibited as ‘Yes’: squalling angry guitars and a loud belligerent attitude providing a satisfyingly angry and cathartic explosion of feedback, helter skelter drums and a heavenly backing chorus. All cowering under Harrow’s passionate, throaty roar that delivers all the satisfaction you’ve ever gleaned from some seventies heavy metal juggernaut. It’s all chrome handlebars, studded leather jackets and a wide-legged stance.

Indeed, careering down the road like a fully loaded semi without brakes or steering, ‘Yes’ is a sonic eruption, a thundering rampant beast that is salivating and growling with a dark intent. Very satisfying for any soul needing a bit of grit and dirt burning through the ears, it’s filthy and furious and so much fun:

Released tomorrow (and available through all the usual download/streaming sites) through those purveyors of sonic good taste, Cheersquad Record and Tapes, this is the first shot from an album and a world tour from these mayhem inducing madcaps, scheduled for later this year.

Super American Eagle arrived at Melbourne’s clubland earlier this year after coming into existence on a trip to New York just before Covid. Harrow, Mudie and DeBoer (who has been a Melbourne resident for over a decade) travelled from Melbourne to New York for the premier of director Dave Abt’s film Bodega Boys. On this trip they decided to play a show as Immigrant Union as complete one off as a 3-piece configuration, with Brent on drums, Dave on bass and Bob on guitar / vocals. This set up was so fun they thought “fuck it, let’s have a crack writing songs in this set up”. Borrowing a name suggested by Courtney Taylor-Taylor to Brent years before, Super American Eagle was born. And we are witness to their superb upbringing, unaccompanied by any sense of propriety or supervision.

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