Track: Pusha T – Untouchable

Pusha T has mastered the art of not becoming satirized. This is something he cites in the opening of his new track “Untouchable”. He states, “ I drops every blue moon/ to separate myself from the kings of the Youtube.” “Untouchable” is Pusha T’s first Timberland beat featuring a Notorious B.I.G sample. Although the affiliation to Timberland is nothing new. Pusha on Hot 97 recently revealed this suggesting that Timberland lets him use his Virginia studio for nothing as he is never there. After a 4am phone conversation one night, the “Untouchable” beat  was sent over to Pusha. It is in many ways typical Pusha T. It’s aggressive. It’s evil. It’s effortlessly intricate. Pusha T is a lyricist in every sense of the word. Many have critiqued Pusha on the basis that he is cocaine rap. These are surface readers. Untouchable is about being untouchable. “Adidas gave me a million and that don’t bounce/The President of G.O.O.D. Music has been announced/A quarter million a year and that don’t bounce.” Pusha T throughout is distancing himself from the crowd, showing why we should be excited about “King Push” due for release by the end 2015 / beginning of 2016. The track is reminiscent of “Nosetalgia”, with its gritty gangsta rap and effortless word play. And this is what we want to see from Pusha. It speaks volumes of his word play that he released the lyrics before the track. How many artists would really be prepared to do that in this day and age? We are in a time where for many, the beat presides. Kanye has put his faith in him to control G.O.O.D. music, Adidas have given him a lucrative sneaker deal and KING PUSH is about to be released. I guess it’s not only YEEZY season approaching.. PEEP THE MUSIC VIDEO BELOW.


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