Premiere: ‘Honestly’ – Machine on a Break unveils the power and the passion of a break-up in a blitzkrieg single.

We are honoured to premiere the pounding eviscerating crunch of ‘Honestly’ from enigmatic and mysterious artist Machine on a Break. Based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Machine on a Break’s music is described as being alternative metal and there is, for sure, a resounding metallic timbre to the guitar blitzkrieg. Yet there is also an indie rock subtlety to the delivery in ‘Honestly’ – a song that crashes like waves on the beach with intermittent breaks that give you time to catch your breath.

The themes are as raw and emotional as the vocals. According to Machine on a Break:

‘Honestly’ is about finding out your partner holds wildly different political views to yourself, those which you consider to be harmful. I think differences of opinion are important for us to grow as people, but being closed minded about topics that have the ability to be harmful to others is where I take issue. I was so genuinely blindsided by his opinions when he first told me because he seemed like such an open minded person and politics had just never come up in our earlier conversations. I’ve learned my lesson and I always ask early on when I’m getting to know someone now.

The close and personal nature of the splintered relationship exposed through truth bleeds through the anthemic chorus and the scything guitars and the bleak lyrics:

I don’t want to have to say I loved you in the past tense but here we are.

The song draws you in with its soft beginning before the instruments enter with a wallop and the vocals roar with frustration and anger. Shards of guitars stab in and out as a bridge: resulting in a vibrant dynamism.

Accompanying the song is an enthralling music video directed and edited by Luke Agius. The video features Machine on a Break and another party playing chess, where the variety of smooth and abrupt close up shots emphasises the intensity and anticipation. Machine on a Break explains, 

The storyline is a fight playing out via a game of chess after my partner reveals he has a different political view by the addition of a blue tie to his outfit while we are out together. I am wearing red to symbolise an opposing political view.

The performance is immersive, the colours brilliant and defining capturing the sheer intensity of the song:

‘Honestly’ is out tomorrow and can will be available to streamed and downloaded here.

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