PREMIERE: Canadians Dear Rouge rail against influencer culture on storming return ‘Fake Fame’

Dear Rouge (credit: Lindsay Blane)

It’s been a hot minute since we heard from Canadian duo Dear Rouge; the duo of Drew and Danielle McTaggart have kept a relatively low profile since the release of their second album Phases in 2018, and what have they been up to since then? Well, it hasn’t all been downtime – they’ve completed work on the follow-up, and the teaser track we’re premiering today ahead of its release tomorrow is a ripper, injecting the pair’s electronic sound with a well-suited glam-rock swagger.

‘Fake Fame’, a critique of influencer culture and the validity of popularity, will be in your head before you’ve finished your first listen; of the song, the duo say that it ‘attempt[s] to answer the question [of notability]. In our digital age where anyone can blow up overnight, or one can buy followers and validation, what does notability mean? … Stardom is alluring and fascinating [but it] can also be toxic, destructive and entrapping.’ Tune in below, and stand by for further details on Dear Rouge’s third album, expected early next year.

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