Track/Video: Basinski’s slinky electro funk combo SPARKLE DIVISION introduce new album ‘Foxy’ with the punchy title track.

If you have seen the seminal electronic musician William Basinski live you will know that he’s far from the experimental scene stereotype, more glamour than gloom, maybe in leather or sparkling suit, gorgeously warm and witty, passionate and performative, a free spirit. That’s where SPARKLE DIVISION come in.

Starting as a duo of Basinski and Preston Wendel (aka Shania Taint), the band’s roots go back to the pioneering composer’s move to LA and his taking on Wendel as a studio assistant. The creative connection made, ideas began to flow and Basinski’s saxophone skills got dusted down for the very funky SPARKLE DIVISION soundtrack to develop. The slinky atmospheres of the debut ‘To Feel Embraced’ album emerged in 2020, a panacea for the lockdown gloom with its luxuriant lounge jazz comfort, sky-bound electronica and disco dynamic.

Now comes news of a second full update from the SPARKLE DIVISION combo with the announcement of their next album ‘Foxy’ via Temporary Residence Ltd due October 20th. Basinski and Wendel are this time around joined by producer/sound magician Gary Thomas Wright for more strutting disco-funked abandon. Signs are there’s something cinematic going on as well, as the album uncovers a plot around an A-List party, pimps, dealers and punch with a kick.

Can’t wait for this slice of LA electro-jazz noir then pick up on the preview of the title-track. ‘Foxy’ is a swaggering treat, bold, brassy electro funk that announces itself. Bursting to a mega-bass bump, sweetened by John Barry strings, kept funky with frisky percussion and spiced with Basinski’s sultry sax lines, it’s a cut that glows with the good times but always looks over its shoulder. SPARKLE DIVISION’s next episode is a must.

Pre-order your copy of the album ‘Foxy’ by SPARKLE DIVISION from you local record store or direct from Temporary Residence Ltd HERE

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