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Ahead of the release of their album Unravelling on July 22nd, Channel D, essentially the project of writer-singer, visual artist and film-maker Nick de Grunwald, has released new visuals for the track The Other. UNravelling is a follow on from his much admired 2013 album ‘Mosaic Of Disarray’, but the record – co-produced by Nick and Tim Wills (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, The Cure), is a much darker affair, as de Grunwald explains “I’d had panic attacks and insomnia on and off since 2001, when my mother died in the same week as 9/11,” Nick admits. “Two years ago, things got considerably worse, which is where these songs germinated. I kind of unravelled. I believe these songs came out of that really bad time. I hope what I experienced will resonate with anyone for whom the night can play tricks with your mind. Or who find terrifying the daily round of suicides, beheadings, bombs and the ravages of war.”

The other has the bleakness about it that purveys the record. de Grunwald delivers his vocals, half talking-half singing and not unlike Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, while the accomapnyment gently ripples with ambient electronics and melodic fragments over a gentle wash of percussive beats. Check out the accomapanying animated video, similarly ambient as if its sinking in to layers on a canvas.

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