See: Drama Dolls share ‘Favourite Girl’ from upcoming EP

Harking back to the days of bands like the Go Go’s or the Bangles, with a slice of Misfits attitude, Drama Dolls bring a sense of fun back to being edgy and not giving a fuck.

The Dolls have seen big love for their debut EP are excited to introduce you to their upcoming A-side/B-side EP release, Over The Shoulder / Boulder Holder. “Favorite Girl,” off their forthcoming EP, was recorded at the legendary Larrabee Studios – whose amazing list of credits include Foo Fighters, Blink-182 and Tool amongst many, many others.

Flinging all the inhibitions of worrying about what the critics think out of the window and smashing out music that posses passion, something that never fails to fall short in some of the more modern pop bands. The Dolls are three women that fill a void in our musical souls we didn’t know we had, and “Favorite Girl” is a spirited introduction. Reminiscent of iconic tracks like Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me,” this anthem is bound to get the party started and last the ages. Combining pop, rock, and punk elements, this track quickly worms its way into your head and heart and will have you rocking from your core.

Check out their previous release ‘We Like To Party’

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