Track: Enslaved – Fenris (live)

Enslaved have revealed the video to be taken from their forthcoming Cinematic Tour 2020 live releases as part of their 30th anniversary revelries, the band has today premiered a live video for their single ‘Fenris’. A classic track from their early days.

Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson commented,

“Fenris was perhaps the first song we wrote that got a massive encore demand, and before we actually had a lot of songs to pick from, we even played it twice during a set… haha. So, since all the songs on the Chronicles of the Northbound set was handpicked and voted for by our fans, it wasn’t a big shock that the grand old wolf was among the chosen ones. Fenris has been present on many of our setlists for pretty close to 30 years now, and it is still a great song for both ourselves to perform and for the audience to absorb. It’s a very energetic song, and its lyrical concept deals with letting the energy flow naturally without trying to enslave (bish!) it. The consequences can be fatal if you keep the wolf in captivity for too long. Let loose your inner wolf, the inevitable tide, and enjoy!”

A track to get the hair flick down to a tee. Gravely vocals complete the aural assault as the guys rock out with an organ lending a hint of mystery to the track as it becomes like a death disco, with speed picking from both guitars. You don’t get to stay in the industry as long as they have without churning out the consistent quality of tracks like ‘Fenris’

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