Track: Ana Silvera and Alan Hampton deliver magic with cross- atlantic collaboration’ Early Frost’

Early Frost- by Ana Silvera. Photo by Alice Williamson

Ana Silvera is a singer-songwriter I’ve had the privilege of reviewing her last two singles, ‘ Halo ‘ and ‘ Ghosts’. It comes as no surprise that her latest single, a magical cross- collaboration with LA based Alan Hampton ( Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird, Robert Glasper) is nothing but pure bliss. Two voices that compliment each other so effortlessly , ‘Early Frost’ is a folk tune that meets halfway across the ocean. Musically, it meanders between bluegrass vocal harmony group ‘I’m With Her’ to Silver’s native pastoral England. Ana says of the track :“‘Early Frost tells the story of a couple living a seemingly picture-perfect life – marriage,  a house, a perfectly tended garden – but ‘like a hidden fault on an iced-up lake / it’s  the smallest things that can make it break’. Alan is an incredible singer-songwriter in  his own right, but also well known for his harmony singer and double bass playing  with artists including Fiona Apple and Andrew Bird. We recorded his vocals in the  early days on the pandemic, with him recording from his house in LA and me in  Copenhagen.” I could almost visually be a witness to this woeful lover’s tale, somewhere in between the spaces where love remains in words left unsaid, only to be rekindles by the distance they never knew they craved.

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