EP: Against The Current – ‘Gravity’

With an ability to make each release their best yet, ‘Gravity’ presents and highlights a great deal of growth from the band in terms of maturity and musical understanding. Most important of all is that they know how to have fun doing what they love. Going with the title of the EP, it’s a release that showcases the desire to feel grounded and stand on firm footing. From songs that highlight the emotional impact from those we care about that we can’t do without to songs about the stronger emotions and impacts from break ups, there’s a strong running theme to all six tracks. And that’s one of the big draws of this release. Six tracks.

Taking into account the bands desire to reduce the barriers between pop and rock, this release caters nicely to fans in both camps without feeling like its favouring one over the other. It’s this musical understanding that keeps Against The Current in the top selection of bands to keep an eye on.


Whilst it makes for a solid first listen, it’s not as instantly catchy as ‘Infinity’ but that’s where its strength comes from. The tracks are good first time around and the more you listen to each track it keeps on getting better. The repeated listens gave way to enjoying the vocal harmonies more, the lyrical melodies and the meanings behind the lyrics. ‘Gravity’ marks a change in the bands musical career that really showcases their musical talents as both writers and performers and just goes to prove that they’re going from strength to strength.

As for the performances, the band sound amazing. They get to showcase all their abilities from rocking out to more emotional moments that shows the time they take giving the content the right tone. Rhythms are tight and punctuated, vocals are the perfect blend of attitude and emotion with lyrical and melodic combinations that keep you hooked and the guitar riffs are the kind that have you playing air guitar. As much as I’ve said before that Chrissy is a great singer, whilst that’s still very much true, this is where Dan and Will really get to shine and show what they can do. The rhythms are more intricate and satisfying to listen to and the guitar parts go from melodic accompaniment to solos with ease. And then there’s the opening of ‘Paralysed’ which is one hell of an opening for a song. The way the guitar riff moves presents something we haven’t heard from the band before and makes for one of the standout moments off the EP.

It’s going to be another awesome year for Against The Current and after naming them as my band of the year (2014) it looks like 2015 is going to see the band delivering more. Maybe it’ll be another EP after this or maybe an album but we’ll find out all in due time. For the mean time ‘Gravity’ gives more than enough to enjoy.

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– Get the new Gravity EP – http://bit.ly/atcgravityep







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