Live Review: Crawlers / Patricia Lalor / It’s Just Cat – The Academy 2, Dublin 16,04,2022

Liverpool Alt-rock band arrived in Dublin to play the Academy 2, it was touch and go earlier in the week as Holly had unfortunately lost her voice due to the rigours of touring and had to cancel a date to rest it. But luck was on the bands side and the sold out crowds of Belfast & Dublin as the dates were able to go ahead.
In support slots tonight were Cork native and now based in Dublin Its Just Cat and Wexford native Patricia Lalor.

First up was Cat a electro-pop artist accompanied by two others. opening up with You’re So Boring followed by the single Not A Vibe, then leading into Big Man No Money / Slipping (Acoustic) Cat was heard to thank to predominating female crowd for coming in so early as the room is already near full. Finishing out the half an hour set with Teeth / I’m Wheezy / Building Blox. Keep an eye out for Cat in the future as I can see big things happening.

Next up it was Wexford teen Patricia Lalor, first off admitting to the crowd about how nervous she is, but the Alt Pop singer had nothing to worry about as the crowd got behind her and showed her a huge amount of love and encouragement. There was no set list, but I do know that her debut release on Atlantic Records ”Vessel” was played to the delight of the crowd. Down to play a half an hour she finished up a little under that as she didn’t do much talking between songs and am putting that down to those nerves she mentioned.

So its the last change over of the night and while waiting Holly’s voice is heard to come over the speakers declaring that the band are all about safe spaces and that at times the band can get a bit lively so if anyone is moshing and falls please everyone look after each other and help each back on their feet.
Three members of the band arrive on stage and take up their instruments and start playing, moments later Holly appears and comes bouncing on to the stage.
First song of the night is Magazine, then its Monroe and Statues to huge roars from the crowd. Holly is clearly delighted to be here as many times saying how much she loves Dublin and the people here tonight, pointing out how great and wonderful everyone looks as many are wearing little silver Tiaras even taking one of two from people to wear herself and saying don’t let anyone say you should look a certain way.
Next song is dedicated to all the feminists in tonight as its Feminist Radical, after which Holly saying that next song is the bands princesses favourite Crawlers song and that princess being the bands bass player Liv and the song is Hush.
So Tired gets an airing next followed by Fuck Me where Holly spends most of the time kneeing or lying on the floor and trashing around, its wasn’t the first time she spent time during a song on the floor and she spent a lot of time up on the crowd barrier also. When the song is over she sayings that she always gets very carried away during that song and its very passionate to here as its about consent! and one of the most important things in life is consent, never be made feel to do anything you are not comfortable with.
Last song now and its the hit Come Over (again) and word for word the crowd sing it back to the band.
The short break is taken and they’re back with the latest single I Cant Drive and they finish out the night with the 2020 single Placebo.

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