Film Review: Two of Us

Nina and Madelaine

Most of the conversations surrounding gender, sexuality and relationship issues revolve around their impact on younger people. Generally, most Western societies seem to be getting more tolerant and accepting of diversity and inclusion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this filters up to older generations. If you’ve been brought up to believe certain things you might be reluctant to change your opinion, even when it comes to your own personal circumstances. This is the case in Two of Us.

After meeting in Rome, Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevalier) have been inseparable. Decades later they live in adjacent apartments in a complex, their relationship is as strong as ever. However, Nina still hasn’t told her two adult children, who both think she’s remained single after the death of their father. They have plans for the future, to relocate to the place where they met, but she just can’t find the right moment to break the news to her family.

Two of Us is a moving drama about the power of love, guilt and living up to the expectations of others. Nina’s children are too wrapped up in their own lives to consider the possibility that she might not be content with being alone. Filippo Meneghetti’s film handles the subject matter empathetically and skilfully, allowing the actors the space to inhabit their characters. They do so with aplomb. Two of us is a quiet drama which has a lot to say for itself.

Two of Us is out in cinemas from 16 July.  

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