Film Review – Occupation: Rainfall

Most of today’s modern science fiction films, and there is nowhere near as many as there should be, are big budget star driven vehicles. They tend to be very hit and miss, with an emphasis on disappointment, but the cost means ideas are often sacrificed for bangs and whooshes. Occasionally, a small budget sci-fi comes along and tries something new. The Skylines trilogy was a surprise on this front. There were similar hopes for Occupation, but after an interesting first chapter Occupation: Rainfall just descends into cliché.

Two years after first contact and the invasion of Earth continues at pace. The human forces fight an increasingly futile ground war in a desperate attempt to save the planet. As the bodies mount up, the resistance, with the help of some unexpected allies, uncover a plot which could bring the conflict a decisive conclusion. They face a race against time to unlock the only thing that could save mankind.

Despite the largely negative reviews, I had a lot of time for Occupation. It was obviously hampered by budgetary constraints but that didn’t dampen its vision. Occupation: Rainfall has a much bigger budget and looks very impressive throughout. Indeed, the action is very well done. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the writing, with the plot and script feeling lazy and unimaginative. We’ve seen this all before and it feels so frustratingly derivative. Which is a shame really as Luke Sparke’s sequel should have been so much better.

Occupation: Rainfall is in US Theatres, On Digital and On Demand from 11 June.

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