Film Review: Burial

When Adolph Hitler committed suicide in his bunker on 30 April 1945, it brought to an end the most horrendous and brutal period in modern human history. The Third Reich collapsed a few days later and the Nazis were, to all intents and purposes, no more. That didn’t stop some fanatics carrying on, even to this day. There have been all manner of conspiracy theories but the Russians knew the importance of not leaving a physical monument. Burial asks “what if?”

As World War II enters its final days, a small band of Russians are tasked with transporting a crate containing Hitler’s body to Moscow. Stalin demands to see proof of his demise. One of the party is Brana Vasilyeva (Charlotte Vega), a young intelligence officer. While crossing the country, they’re attacked by German “Werewolf” partisans and picked off, one by one. With the help of a Polish man (Tom Felton), she escapes, the responsibility now resting on her shoulders.

Burial is a fascinating alternative history drama which builds on a number of conspiracy theories to create a tense cat and mouse thriller. Ben Parker does a great job of using his budget wisely, concentrating on the small scale. This allows the human stories to come through and a sense of isolation to grow. Although it stumbles a few times along the way, Burial is a fascinating and brutal wartime chiller.

Burial opens in select US cinemas and on demand on 2 September.

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