Track: The Rookies blast out a little cool jazz ‘On The Shoulders of Giants’ along with new album details.

Feature Photograph: @duncographic

Following up on last month’s ‘Dry Bones’, Melbourne jazz ensemble The Rookies are back with the laid back blissful jazz of ‘On The Shoulders Of Giants’. A smooth bedrock of piano and percussion wanders blithely across the sonic landscape while a wild and untrammeled trumpet blasts some hot air over the mix. A heady mix of brass then punctuates the atmosphere with a crescendo. It’s really heady energizing stuff.

As ever, the instrumental comes with some thoughtful and insightful themes. The band says:

‘On The Shoulders Of Giants’ is an ode to the wisdom of those who’ve come before us and a reminder that although things may appear bleak in the future, one only needs to look to the past to see just how far we have come thanks to the hard work of our elders. Ideally, we should be inspired by their work and look at the view from the giants shoulders with a renewed sense of optimism that real change is possible even if we may not see it in our lifetimes – just like the parable of the man who plants trees of whose shade he will never sit, but he does so for the love of future generations that will enjoy the tree.

The Rookies infuse their music with deep reflection, indelibly tied to the land upon which they live and ancient cultures that still exist:

You can download or stream the single here and have a listen through the link below where you can pre-order the new album ‘Feed The Fire’

Feature Photograph: @duncographic

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