Track: Alex Burey – Inside World

I’m at the age now when I can just about begin to organise the important aspects of my life, such as
generally being in the right place at the right time for whats needed – work, food, sleep and suchlike. But there again, I’m staring down the barrel of middle age, so I damn well ought to be. Alex Burey, at only 19, seems like he is well in front of me.
The South London producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has announced that his debut EP, ‘Inside World’ is being released on January 26th via his own label, Pling Recordings. He’s playing a headline show at St Pancras Old Church on Wednesday, 21st January to coincide with the release, and you can get tickets from  Eat Your Own Ears & DICE. He’s also got a work ethic that I’m envious of (although here I am writing about him as the clock ticks towards midnight, so I deserve at least a little bit of credit for that) saying, “When I’m feeling happy I can work all day and all night, I don’t have a time zone.”
From the EP, Burey is streaming the title track. It opens with this fairground organ gone weird effect, slightly eerily chiming away, but then given this childlike innocence by the simple guitar figure and sharpened with the little jazz trumpet stylings. It cuts and swerves away from the expected, only Burey’s vocal keeping it within a recognisable song structure. Elsewhere its hazy, almost trippy escapism, that makes the whole thing sound something like a vaudevillian experiment.
And trust us, that is high praise.
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