Spectres release Condition, the follow up to their much admired debut album Dying, this coming March 10th via the Sonic Cathedral label.

Recorded in the bands adopted home city of Bristol, and and mastered by Frank Arkwright (Mogwai, 65daysofstatic) at Abbey Road in London, the band toyed with experimentation with electronics followint the release of Dead, last years remix album, before going their own way.

“There were discussions about experimenting with electronics, but the idea soon petered out when we realised we still wanted to experiment with guitars,” reveals singer and guitarist Joe Hatt, before adding “On this album we became even less interested in actually playing guitar,” explains Hatt, “which meant that we got more into experimenting with the sounds we could get out of them when brutalising them and letting the feedback do the talking.”

The band have released a new track from the record, titled ‘Neck’. It’s a muscular, almost brutal assault on the senses, psychedelic walls of sound splattered over this motorik, almost krautrock beat. It’s breathtaking.

Check it out, here