Premiere: Three Day Monk releases the serene melancholy indie folk of ‘Osaka’

Released this coming Friday (19th March) is the new single Osaka from Bedfordshire multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Tristan Nelson, aka Three Day Monk. Recorded with Matty Moon (Lonely the Brave, False Heads) at Half-ton Studios in Cambridgeshire, UK, it’s his third single in his ‘Seasonal EP project’ the follow up to ‘I wish you were dead’ which garnered much love amongst radio stations and online throughout the world.

Nelson describes the track as being about ‘an individuals mindset, realising their loved one’s life is coming to a close’, and is a tender and melancholy slice of indie folk, which makes use of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute amongst it musical armoury.

Mainly accompanied by gently plucked acoustic guitars Nelson pulls the emotion out of the song, somehow desperate yet reserved as he narrates the tale. As it flowers, so he’s joined by arching steel guitars, harmonised vocals and shimmering percussion, followed by the flute. It’s quite beautiful.

Check it out, here

Pre-Save here on Spotify.

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