Track: Blood Red Throne – 6:7

Matthias Moser

Norway’s death metal band Blood Red Throne have released their new single, ‘6:7’. The song is featured on the band’s upcoming 10th album ‘Imperial Congregation’, due 8th October via Nuclear Blast. 

Founding guitarist Daniel Olaisen comments on the song:

“6:7 has one of the most epic solos in BRT history. A super heavy riff and some real kick ass head banging parts throughout the whole song!”

A lengthy rampaging intro which sets the scene with its rampaging riff and classic death metal vocals. The riff takes a break as the band lay down a killer guitar solo before jumping back into the driving rhythms that makes this track such an excellent 4 odd minutes of metal. It’s epic tracks like this, that are the reason these guys are set to release their 10th album.

Check it out, here

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01. Imperial Congregation
02. Itika
03. Conquered Malevolence
04. Transparent Existence
05. Inferior Elegance
06. We All Bleed
07. 6:7
08. Consumed Illusion
09. Hero-Antics
10. Zarathustra

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