Track: Laura Masotto – ‘Blue Marble’: the pain and the bite of the pandemic lockdown for layered solo violin

Laura Masotto

LAURA MASOTTO is an Italian composer and violinist and composer who loves to create and architecture of sound by looping up her violin to strengthen, harmonise, lend support and bite and drama to the thrust and core of her work.

She’s set to release her second album on 7K! near to midsummer – 7K! of course being !K7 through the neo-classical and ambient mirror – that album is entitled WE.

And she’s just presented a first single to be taken from that record, the high drama of “Blue Marble”; we’ve embedded it for you below.

Powerful as you could wish, Laura tells us that that “Blue Marble” was conceived one morning towards the end of the first Italian national lockdown, born of anxiety and the pandemic dark descent over our world.

“I felt the energy in the notes I was playing, in the strength of the blow strokes, music was shaking me inside,” she sasys.

“It was born out of the desire to scream, the need to breathe, the urge to dance, the need to live as the spring outside blossomed.” 

The album, WE, we’re told investigates her realisations about what’s really, actually important. That is that WE as humans are the most important things in our lives. The album layers up explorations of the inherent dualisms of living: life and death, water and fire, love and pain, present and past, in all their recombining, dichotomous mystery. 

Laura Masotto’s WE will be released by 7K! digitally on June 11th and is available to pre-order at Bandcamp.

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