Give your aural and ocular entry points a thorough cleansing with the fabulous new single ‘Turpentine’ from Sydney’s marvelous Marveline. This is a song so infectious you will need to self isolate a lot more than the mandatory fourteen days.

This is off Marveline’s tremendous album ‘Savoury-toothed Tiger’ reviewed by me earlier this year, describing it as a pocketful of pure pop, with some sunshine and humour for the age of isolation and yet leavened by darker observations and the odd touch of melancholia.

And the humour is at the forefront in this amusing and highly enjoyable video where Marveline mainstay and creative genius Pete Marley is joined by a full band rocking it out in protective gear:

The song ‘Turpentine’ is an absolute delight; a raw, powerful pop song filled with rumbling bass lines, a catchy melody and indelible riffs. And a chorus that is higher than the Himalayas and just as memorable.

You can – and indeed should – get the album below.