Premiere: The Backlash premiere epic lyric video for track ‘My Wrong’ and announce spot on ‘In a State of Flux’ Festival

We are extremely delighted to premiere the lyric video for Italian indie shoegaze band The Backlash. And what a track it is.

Shard-like chiming guitars soar over a spine-crushing rhythm section with an epic, cinematic intro before the song rushes full tilt into a driving, insistent and pulse-quickening pace.

The song crashes and recedes like waves on a beach and the urgent, impassioned vocals – when they enter the fray – provide a steady and melodic anchor with the layered harmonies augmenting the celestial sounds. This is a band that explodes into the song with force and veracity and leaves you somewhat stunned when the song ends.

This is really exciting material from a band that clearly knows its stuff and have obviously earned themselves an indelible spot in the extremely healthy indie shoegaze scene in Italy. It’s a vibrant and dynamic scene – we at Backseat Mafia have long extolled the virtues of the amazing underground scene that operates in Italy and it is exciting to add yet another band to the list.

The video, which we are premiering on Backseat Mafia, has an appropriate trippy, psychedelic vibe befitting the hypnotic music:

The kind of excitement this band creates in this one song leaves me desperate for more – and it is a funny the mix of feelings this creates: disappointment that I haven’t come across this band before but excitement that there is a body of work yet to be explored. Check out their back catalogue here.

The Backlash have also announced they will be playing at the very exciting ‘In a State of Flux’ concerts which features many of the Italian bands we have covered in the past – including Stella Diana, In Her Eye, We Melt Chocolate.

‘In a State of Flex’ is dedicated to indie shoegaze:

Il primo festival dedicato allo shoegaze e ai generi affini del panorama italiano, itinerante e aperto all’entusiasmo di chi alzerà la mano per far sentire la sua voce e la sua distorsione.

These gigs take place over three days from 25-27 September 2020 in Milano, Parma and Firenze respectively. What an incredible set of gigs these are. Oh to be in Italy.

You can get tickets to the concerts here.

Here is a little taste of past glories from The Backlash – the glorious single ‘Everybody But Me’ released at the beginning of the year:

‘My Wrong’ is available on The Backlash’s magnificent EP ‘Passing By – get it directly through the link below:

The Backlash is:
Alessio Gatto – Vocals
Francesco Lucà – Guitar, Vocals
Federico Corsaro – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Luca Mangano – Drums

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