Premiere: KEZRA says we are all a little bit ‘Insane’ via an effervescent blast of pop goodness and a launch party.

We are very honoured to premiere the new single ‘Insane’ from Naarm/Melbourne singer KEZRA.

This is a vibrant hyperkinetic blast of pop brilliance that fizzes and bubbles with verve. Jangling guitars shimmer underneath KEZRA’s velvet, expressive vocals and a dramatic anthemic chorus creates a euphoric burst. And, as any pop song should, there is a yearning melancholia that hangs on the edges of KEZRA’s delivery.

According to KEZRA:

‘Insane’ is that exaggerated fight you had with your partner that gives you internal rage, and fills you with emotions and questions such as “why the hell am I still living here?” You then realise that both of you are just as crazy as each other, and that’s what makes it work. We need people who can keep us on our toes, push us to the edge of the unknown and completely drive us insane – at least for a little while.

The result is pop perfection filled with an energy and radiance:

Out tomorrow (Friday, 3 February 2023), you can pre-save the single here.

KEZRA will be launching the single next month – details below.

‘Insane’ Launch Party

Fri 24 Mar | The Gasometer, Naarm/Melbourne Vic

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