Live Review and Gallery: Sunk Loto’s ‘Between Birth and Death’ 20th Anniversary Tour – A Metal Spectacle at Metro Theatre, Eora/Sydney 10.11.23

In the heart of Sydney, the iconic Metro Theatre transformed into a haven for hard rock and metal enthusiasts on Friday night as Sunk Loto, the Australian metal legends, took the stage. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and in a sea of black band tees, the crowd eagerly awaited the sonic onslaught that awaited them. The supporting acts, Immortal Within, Red Bee, and Ocean Sleeper, set the stage on fire, paving the way for an unforgettable night of Australian metal at its finest.

The occasion? Sunk Loto’s 20th-anniversary tour celebrating their groundbreaking album, ‘Between Birth and Death‘, which skyrocketed to number 48 on the ARIA Albums Chart, No. 13 on the ARIA Australasian Artists, and an impressive No. 4 on the ARIA Heavy Rock & Metal chart back in 2003. The album remains a classic in the records of Australian metal history, and the tour aimed to bring it back to life for both devoted fans and a new generation of metalheads.

The Queensland quartet, comprising Dane Brown on drums, his brother Jason Brown on vocals, Rohan Stevenson on guitar, and Sean Van Gennip on bass guitar, have proven time and again that they are a force to be reckoned with. The show at Metro Theatre was not just a concert; it was a visceral experience that showcased the raw power and energy that defines Sunk Loto.

The tour follows a wildly successful run in 2022, where multiple shows sold out in a matter of hours, a testament to the long-enduring appeal of Sunk Loto’s music. Taking the stage at the Metro Theatre, the band picked up right where they left off 15 years ago, delivering a performance that was both nostalgic and refreshing. The fact that their average age was just 16 when they signed with Sony Music Australia only adds to the awe-inspiring journey this band has undertaken.

As the opening notes of their classic tracks reverberated through the venue, the crowd erupted in a frenzy of headbanging and sign of the horns. Sunk Loto’s signature blend of heavy riffs, thunderous drumming, and powerful vocals resonated with the audience, creating a sonic tapestry that left no soul untouched. The Metro Theatre was not just a venue; it was a vibrational battleground where Sunk Loto unleashed their musical prowess with unbridled intensity.

As the tour nears its end, with the last show scheduled for November 17th at Max Watts Naarm/Melbourne, the legacy of Sunk Loto’s BB&D 20th-anniversary tour will undoubtedly endure in the memories of all fortunate enough to witness this metal spectacle. In the world of Australian metal, Sunk Loto stands tall, proving that even after two decades, their music continues to be a driving force, uniting generations of metal fans under the banner of pure, unadulterated rock.

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