Track: The Crayon Set release the blissfully bucolic ‘Don’t Step Back Too Far’: indie pop delivered with a graceful majesty

Dublin’s The Crayon Set have just unveiled the utterly gorgeous single ‘Don’t Step Back Too Far’: a fey, wistful track that is delicate and pastoral. Intriguingly built on a bubbling, liquid electronic surface, the vocals are melancholic and haunting with a melody that is intricate and holds fast. There is a tension between the message and the delivery. Song writer Robert Baker says:

“I was pleased when this song came along as I think it helped signal a new direction for the band. It had more of a groove to it. Lyrically it is about feeling down and losing a sense of yourself and your role in the world. A bit depressing, but you could dance to it…”

Singer Kate Dineen’s vocals are soft and gentle and carry the melodies beautifully.

The single is taken from the group’s upcoming album ‘Downer Disco’, which is set to be released in July of this year. You can stream the single below:

The Crayon Set are Robert Baker (Vocals, Guitars, Synths), Kate Dineen (Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Percussion), George Guilfoyle (Bass, Double Bass, Guitars, Vocals), Phil Casey (Drums, Percussion), and Finn O’Reilly (Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals).

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