Track: The exultant sounds of Eilish Gilligan return in ‘Get Well Soon’ as she announces new EP ‘First One To Leave The Party’ and launch dates.

Melbourne-based multi-talented artist Eilish Gilligan‘s collaborations continue, this time with Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper) and Lach Bostock (Mansionair), in her gorgeous new track ‘Get Well Soon’. Gilligan’s new material is a bright and shining beacon when all else around is dark (see our review of May single ‘Up All Night’), and ‘Get Well Soon’ has a burnished pop sheen that sparkles and glitters. Deeply imbued in this, though, is the raw melancholy that Gilligan injects in her words.

Gilligan says of the track:

I wrote ‘Get Well Soon’ in the midst of grieving a relationship – you know
that part in the grieving process, where you start getting impatient that you’re not better yet?
Yeah. That part. I dreamt of telling this person that I was so sick over them, still, after all this
time – and I didn’t want them back, but I just wanted them to know that I still felt awful about
the whole thing. And that I missed them.

Indeed, what makes Gilligan stand out is the combination of her dulcet tones and the wry observational lyrics that we can all relate to:

I go to the party, go through the motions
Conversation ends
As soon as I join it, I want to leave and
Forget everything

But throughout this, there is an unblemished romanticism touched with tragedy that endures:

I’m so sick without you, I wanna get well soon

The music underneath stop and starts, gurgles and bubbles and provides a vibrant and hyperactive support:

‘Get Well Soon’ )available through the link below) is off Gilligan’s newly announced EP ‘First One To Leave The Party’ set for release on 6 August 2021 and Gilligan has announced a few live dates (COVID willing):

First One To Leave The Party EP Dates:

Saturday, 18 September – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne | Tickets
Saturday, 25 September – Waywards, Sydney | Tickets
On sale now.

More resources here.

Image credit: Jeff Andersen Jnr

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