Track: Crash and the Crapenters declare ‘You Can Write Me Off’ with a sneer: another cathartic and vitriolic delight from the Melbourne punks

The band whose name makes you look twice, then twice again, makes a welcome return wearing their signature sneer and disdain for the 1 per cent of the world. Crash and the Crapenters do not suffer fools nor the privileged gladly, and their new single ‘You Can Write Me Off’ serves as a withering blast at complacency and hypocrisy, delivered in the old sonically excoriating blast that is both cathartic and melodic. This is band that has humour gene deeply implanted in their persona, yet exude a serious intent in the delivery. The band says of the song that:

…it signifies the point in which (we) hit rock bottom in 2020 with the realisation that so many of the values and symbols of status held so dear by the human race, have very little meaning in the face of the isolation and disconnection felt by so many during these unprecedented times! The only way is up from here!

Indeed with bands like Crash at the wheel, as disorientated and chaotic as it may be, there is hope where there is resistance:

You can stream this very pleasant stream of infectious invective here:

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