Album Review: Meghan Trainor – ‘Title’

Let’s get this out of the way, regardless of the popularity generated by her debut single ‘All About That Bass’ and even though I’ll admit that it was a catchy song, it made me wonder what the debut album would be like and if it would be an album made up of the same songs or if it could do something different. I was willing to give it a shot and listen to it the same as I would any new album.

It’s the same.

All the same.

Presented with a significant lack of talent and a juvenile sense of what qualifies for lyrical content, it’s an album that won’t do anything to further her musical career. Granted that may be a harsh way of looking at it but honestly, this album is made up of parts that fail to create a complete whole. Everything feels like it was put together with a lack of passion for the source material and even the instrumental sections don’t do all that much to keep you involved. It all feels flat and uninspired. When the name of the album is ‘Title’, it doesn’t fill you with much hope of creativity and unfortunately that’s what you get.

Songs about being the better person in a break up and putting yourself first seems to be the general theme of the album. Before you ask, yes, I’ve listened to this album. Three whole times. And nothing gave me any reason to like it. My music taste is massively varied and I love a large selection of genres and a boat load of guilty pleasures, but this comes under none of those categories. Of course, music is subjective so if this is something you enjoy then that’s great! But from my point of view, there is nothing to redeem this release.

I’ll admit that there were a few times that I thought there was a decent moment (or something that could actually be classed as music) but then it went and ruined it with something spectacular. A rapping section that felt massively out of place, repeated lyrics that were meant to be meaningful but come off as annoying and of course the feeling that more autotune than should ever be used comes into play. I can just about come close to telling you which synth instruments were used to put these songs together.

Ultimately I’m giving this album a two out of ten and while you may think that’s giving this album too much credit it’s only because the songs on offer may inspire other musicians to make better covers of these songs and I’ll post a follow up article with examples.


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