DVD Review: In Order of Disappearance

Stellan Skarsgård is one of a handful of actors from non-English speaking countries to forge a long term career in Hollywood over the last couple of decades. Parts in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, Avengers Assemble, Thor and Railway Man have seen him become a familiar face to many. However, it was leading roles in Scandinavian films such as Insomnia and Breaking the Waves which announced his acting talent to the world. He returns to his roots in Hans Petter Molans’s In Order Of Disappearance.

Nils (Stellan Skarsgård) drives a snow plough in Norway, and his commitment to his work is recognised in the local community. When told his son has died of a heroine overdose, he can’t accept that his son was a drug addict. Nils decides to investigate the matter and finds himself in the middle of a gang war. One which he’s accidentally created himself, between the local mob led by Strike (Kristofer Hivju) and the Serbs run by Papa (Bruno Ganz).

Hans Petter Molan is arguably Norway’s leading film director, and his most impressive work tends to involve Skarsgård. They’ve collaborated on Zero Kelvin, Aberdeen and A Somewhat Gentle Man. In Order of Disappearance works on many levels, but it’s held together by the dark vein of humour running through it. Skarsgård is as impressive as ever, but it’s the supporting cast who provide much of the entertainment. It’s a shame that Scandinavian films often get limited theatrical releases, because In Order Of Disappearance would grace any Liam Neeson-addled multiplex.

In Order Of Disappearance is released on DVD by Metrodome on February 2.

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