EP: Sunspire – Euphoria

Out now on Crafting Room Recordings is the ‘Euphoria’ ep by Jack Jazrawy-Brown aka Shoegaze/DreamPop artist, Sunspire. This release is available as a digital download or a limited edition cassette from Bandcamp. 
On the ep, Sunspire creates swirling, ambient guitar soundscapes.
The tunes are mesmeric, drawing the listener into a chilled-out dream world. The guitars are luscious and mellow, the effects, calm and soothing. Vocals are ethereal, ghost-like, as if calling from somewhere else. 
The first track, (Intro) is a deliciously mellow start to the ep, reminiscent of ‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’ era Brian Eno. As the ep progresses, there are more uptempo numbers, albeit gentle and hypnotic. Vocal harmonies and drum patterns are used (Snowfall), feeling like callbacks to the DreamPop of old, namely the Cocteau Twins.
There are slower, more reflective moments. The pretty track ‘Radiant’ is just as the song title suggests, a slice of sun-drenched, Psychedelic Shoegaze. 
There’s also moments of pop-tune majesty, as the ethereal vocals come to the fore (Moonlit Pillars) delivering a tuneful Slowdive-style ballad, with sonically-experimental undertones. 
The fifth track, ‘Sea’ is a hazy cousin of the 1st track (Intro), complete with lazy beats and a sense of summery calm. The last track, ‘Above the Stars’ is a drifting psychedelic end to the ep, with backward loop guitar, soft fuzzy drums and floating, delicate vocals.
‘Euphoria’ is a chilled out, well crafted Shoegaze ep, without edge, only beauty, which riffs on ambient music and, with thoughtful experimentation, meanders and pulls the listener into a world of soft, sonic pop

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