Track: PYNGU’s ‘Everytime’ brings uplifting, bittersweet dance-pop futurism to the Christmas run-in


SOMETIMES it’s best to keep it short and sweet and let a track speak for itself.

PYNGU is the reincarnation of the German DJ, artist and producer who could formerly be found working as Kyco, under which moniker his work achieved some 27 million streams. His first single newly baptised and capitalised as PYNGU was a double-header of glimmering vocal dance-pop with singer Loveday, “Breathless Like This”, and certainly pressed all the buttons you’d need such a track to do – airy, hummable, a track to move your body to.

And it’s a trick he’s repeating with ease on his follow-up single, more than two years on, “Everytime”, which you can hear below.

PYNGU characterises “Everytime” as bittersweet future pop featuring fragile vocals and melancholic melodies and says: “The song is about the point of no return in a relationship and that struggle with your feelings – knowing any further attempt will fail, every time.

“After two years in the making I’m really happy with how it turned out.” 

PYNGU’s “Everytime” is out now across digital streaming platforms.

Connect with PYNGU elsewhere online at Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSoundCloud and Spotify.

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