OPTIC NERVE, the wonderful Preston label that tickles the delighted fancy of any indie kid, has just announced the third edition of its singles club, which in the past has brought us such brilliant (and entirely unexpected in the 21st century) 7″ reissues as The Revolving Paint Dream’s “In The Afternoon” and One Thousand Violins’ “Halcyon Days”.

Optic Sevens 3.0 will begin in November, and the delights in store for the subscriber and individual buyers include The House of Love’s “Christine”; East Village’s beautiful (and ker-ching for the original) “Back Between Places”; Camper Van Beethoven’s all-time classic, “Take The Skinheads Bowling”; and Girls At Our Best’s “Nowhere Fast”, as taken to the bridge by The Wedding Present on George Best.

Elsewhere there’s long-lost Subway outfit The Clouds’ “Tranquil”; a double 7″ of Beat Happening’s seminal “Crashing Through”; and offerings from The Servants, The Siddeleys, Chin-Chin, The Nivens and Weeping Messerschmitts. Whoah.

Frankly, don’t delay: you can buy all them separately, or place your order for the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle, here. Indie pop ain’t noise pollution.