Say Psych: Track Review: JuJu – Not This Time

JuJu, the brainchild of Gioele Valenti, are back with a new album La Que Sabe, scheduled for release on 22 October via Weird Beard Records.

Sicilian multi-instrumentalist and producer Valenti is a key figure of the European underground music scene. He is one half of acclaimed Occult Psych project Llay Lamas (Rocket Recordings). He is the man behind Herself, a folktronica project that involved the likes of Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev, John Fallon of The Steppes and Amaury Cambuzat of Faust and Ulan Bator. He was also the guitarist of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. Most importantly, he is the creator of the unclassifiable JuJu. Championed by Goatman and Capra Informis of GOAT, JuJu have already released three albums (two of which with Fuzz Club Records) and left a permanent mark in the international Psychedelic scene and beyond.

‘Not This Time’ is the first single and is a pacey number driven by a motorik beat provides a soundtrack to dissolution, perfectly capturing the mood of this particular historic moment. A time in which illusions are replaced by a senseless and alien reality and heroes melt like snow in the sun. The use of samples only adds to the mystique and hints at the prospect of what the album will provide.

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