Live Galleries + Review: …..and the fun began!! Bluesfest Byron Bay starts one day earlier with evening shows put on for early-bird 5 day campers

An exciting new innovation has been unveiled at Bluesfest Byron Bay, with an extra evening’s entertainment put on for the early-arriving, 5 day campers.
These particular patrons are viewed as the backbone and, some may say, lifeblood of the Bluesfest being. As a reward, and as a way of encouraging people to arrive as early as possible, four artists were booked to play the Juke Joint stage from 6.00 p.m. through until near midnight.

Daniel Champagne, the percussive guitar virtuoso began proceedings with his highly polished and emotive performance, spell-binding the loyal Bluesfesters with his magic.

Next up were Hussy Hicks, the dynamic Northern Rivers/Gold Coast indie favourites, who blew away many of those who were unfamiliar with their grand song-writing, magnificent vocal delivery (from both Leesa Gentz & Jules Parker) and joyfully unbridled rhythm section of ‘Bassy’ Tracey Stephens and Ali Foster (drums).

Following Hussy Hicks was Ray Beadle, who unleashed all of his guitar prowess with an electrifying set of high-octane blues and blues rock. The guitar lovers amongst the crowd were well sated with this gargantuan set.

To finish off the night, US dynamo, Nikki Hill took to the stage and unleashed all of her energetic and gyrating, hip-shaking rock & roll goodness, with Nikki’s ever-present tour guitar player Laura Chavez taking over sole guitar responsibility in the absence of Nikki’s husband, Matt, who was delayed until the following day. Her smouldering performance left many waiting for more, with her and the band playing on four of the next five days.

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All photos: ©fullonrockphotography/Andrew Fuller

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