News: Atari Pilot Releases Emotionally Charged New Album ‘It’s The Journey You Can’t Live Without’

Swindon-based indie-rock outfit Atari Pilot marks a significant moment today with the release of their highly anticipated second album, ‘It’s The Journey You Can’t Live Without’. Laden with heartfelt lyrics and a life-affirming message, the album represents a culmination of the band’s recent singles from 2023 and 2024, presenting a cohesive narrative of their musical journey.

The band describes the essence of the album, stating, “It’s 11 songs about loss, connection, disconnection, acceptance, sorrow, hope, love, strength, vulnerability, and everything in between. Most of all, this album is about learning to be your own biggest supporter and trying to embrace a life where every moment that led you here is a moment you wouldn’t change. Finally, it’s a thank you to every person who’s ever supported us whether it was in the best of times or the hardest of times. The journey is always sweeter when you’re not alone, and it’s the journey you can’t live without.”

The album’s closing track, ‘Songs For The Struggle’, encapsulates the essence of Atari Pilot, radiating life, acceptance, and hope. Lead vocalist Onze’s emotive storytelling drives the song forward, while each musical element contributes to its encouraging and enthusiastic tone.

Reflecting on the significance of ‘Songs for the struggle’, Onze comments, “This is one of those songs that has gone through many versions, but this version finally felt right. It’s all about the power of songs and music to be there for you in your darkest/saddest moments. I can still remember vividly the songs I listened to that got me through those long nights in the hospital lying awake, wondering if I’d make it.”

Since their emergence in 2011 and the release of their debut album ‘Navigation Of The World By Sound’, Atari Pilot has continued to evolve, with vocalist Onze’s recovery from cancer in 2020 marking a significant milestone for the band. Now, with the release of the new album, Atari Pilot is poised to further solidify their place in the indie-rock scene, showcasing their growth and resilience as artists.

Listen below:

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