News: Mats Dernánd Unveils Debut Album ‘Lake Home’

Multi-instrumentalist Mats Dernánd releases his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Lake Home’.

Featuring a collection of tracks that traverse diverse musical realms, offering a captivating journey through cinematic, guitar-driven pop music, the album is a masterclass in mature, beautifully crafted songwriting. Standout tracks include ‘We’ll Be Together’, featuring Luna Keller, and ‘Everybody Tells A Story’, featuring Emma Nilsdotter, showcasing Mats’ versatility and collaborative spirit.

Reflecting on the album’s inspiration, Mats shares, “Our summer house, which has been in the family since I was a child, is on Lake Home. It’s a place I always return to and where many of my songs on the album came about. Lake Home is an enchanting place in the heart of Sweden. I wanted the music to capture the dreamy beauty of the lake.”

With heartfelt emotions and soaring melodies, ‘Lake Home’ promises a narrative woven with authenticity, reigniting themes of love, reconciliation, and hope.

Listen below:

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