News: Imperial Tide announce EP ”Existance In Crisis”

IMPERIAL TIDE  — Landon Hill, vocals; William Barber, guitar; Keene Dadian, guitar; Tanner Galambas, bass; and Russel Schoenbeck, drums — have announced their new EP, Existence in Crisis, out August 18 via Mascot Records.

They have shared the new single “R.A.T.” Listen here

 “This track echoes the sentiment of the entire EP: ‘..if I light the match, I can set the fire,'” the band says. “This is our spark before we set the world ablaze. The chorus’ riff rips, while the punk influenced verses bring a consistent energy that makes you wonder what’s next. The song culminates with quite possibly the heaviest moment on the EP, our guitarist Keene’s vocals bring a level of grit we haven’t touched yet.”

Existence In Crisis, the Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California-based band’s debut EP for Mascot Records, is an exercise in bombastic creative freedom. They have previously released the videos for “Slip” and “Off the Leash.

EP track list:
1. King Of The Gutter
2. Off The Leash
3. Slip
4. R.A.T.
5. Blood In The Streets
6. Malice In The Palace

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