Sometime Karate Boogaloo drummer Hudson Whitlock and his mysterious studio project the Pro-Teens are gearing up for the release of their album, out on September 4th via College of Knowledge Records, and out right now is the new single, and title track from the album, I flip my life every time I fly.

The Melbourne musician wrote and released tree cinematic soul records between 2017-2019, often anonymously crediting musicians using pseudonyms such as ‘Dead Honest Dean Amazing’ and ‘Libby Clique-baité’, which created this mystique around the band. This time the project is led by fictional keyboardist Snooch Dodd.

I flip my life doesn’t move far from those roots, sitting somewhere near El Michels Affair, even Madlib / Adrian Younge. It’s hazy and yet cinematic, as dulcimers hammer and these almost Bollywood sounding synth strings play out, and guitars vie with the deep funk of the beats. Throw in some chanting and you have something rather special.

Check it out, here