Track: Limos – Alters, plus EP news

Finnish melodic death metal band Limos is set to release their new EP ‘Tales of The White Eye’ on July 3rd. Ahead of this they have released their latest single ‘Altars’.

It’s a brutal and soaring track, covering a lot of ground in it’s 5 minutes.

” ‘Altars’ as a song explores an universe we introduced in our last EP, with the track ‘Watching the Winds’. I was looking to expand on the different factions within it, and ‘Altars’ looks at one of them, ‘The Inferno’. I wanted to describe how they operate, and based it on a track we made and put on hold early on. As a song it goes straight to the point, just as it’s story does. When we wrote the track itself, we wanted to move away from a pattern we were getting into, both vocally and instrument wise. So the track is a perfect example of us exploring new depths, while still keeping and tightening our core sound.
– Eirik Manne

‘Tales of The White Eye’ is out July 3rd on Inverse Records.

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