Premiere: Michael Ian Cummings of SKATERS returns with ‘Contemporary Me’

If you were a fan of New Yorkers SKATERS, you’ll probably remember that they went from a major label deal to disappearing after the release of their second album within 5 years, chewed up and spat out during a transitional period for the wider music industry. Band leader Michael Ian Cummings has been off radar since, so the news he’s releasing a debut solo EP next week is as much of a surprise to us as it will be to you.

Accompanying this announcement is the first new music from him since SKATERS went their separate ways in 2017. ‘Contemporary Me’ finds Cummings reinvigorated with a scuzzy, lo-fi full band sound to suit. He’s just going for it, refreshed after wrestling back control of his musical output – the song reflects that, full of vigour and enthusiasm. “I love having autonomy over how and when I release music. Making decisions and moving on. “Reminds me of when I was a teenager. Just make things because they are worth making. Move forward and try not to look back too much.”

Considering what went down previously, there’d be no shame in admitting to being jaded and simply walking away, but returning with a song like this is a great way to announce you’re back at it. Check out the song below; his debut solo EP Oldest Troubles follows next Friday May 26th.

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